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Another side of life 💐


It has been a long time I didn’t update this site. I had going through a hard time after the spm result was announced. It had been the hardest and the saddest time for me. Maybe you what’s the reasons.Actually I want to forget the saddest part and want to rebuild new happiness in the end of my life either in this current world or in hereafter insyaAllah. But it can’t be denied that Allah has a good plan for me. and I still continuing the journey of my life..

to be continued ..


Alhamdulillah….after about three months, i’ve successfully completed my motorcycle license and car license…actually it was a fairly long wait and tiring ….but i’m very grateful because i managed to completed it in once…what makes me satisfied and happy was, i used my own pockets to take the license and I do not ask from my parents. There is no easy thing in this world if we want pleasure in future….



Apart from that, we also have to have a strong determination to achieve our ambitions, even though sometimes we have to cope with these challenges. I am not coming from a good family, I come from a simple family, so during I stay at the boarding school I learned thrift and using the money given by my parents for things that really need only, I save the rest and results of my savings that I use for driving license. What I want to tell here is that we will be very hard to get something when we use hard-earned money of our own and we will find more satisfaction.


 One fun thing when learning to drive is that I get to know many friends from different schools and sometimes I met with a friend to my friends and indirectly we can be friends … one more thing I learned is that the theoretical and practical know-how is two different things. Gender is also not taken into account in this driving school for learning to get a license is filled with laws and steps. only a person with high self-discipline can pass the driving test, it is not surprising even someone who has several years experience driving failed the test drive with the RTD.

  Okay, from the beginning I just write fun things. Now I will write the things I do not like when learning to drive. most of the things I do not like when learning to drive is sitting in the driver’s side. This is the most frequent things I do because I live closest to the uncle who taught me driving. The saddest part is, even though I ride in the car with the owner’s son driving center, I also had to sit in the driver’s side. (but it’s better than having to sit next to Uncle…) #$%^*^@ #oooopppppssss….sorry uncle, just kidding :)#


  Okay lets continue, maybe not everyone agrees with me because I do not like sitting in the driver’s side and for them this is a common thing that must not be exaggerated. I actually was not too hate, I just feel uncomfortable with the situation. therefore, I feel awkward. this is so because I rarely sit in the driver’s side even if I just ride with my father, I will sit on the left side of the back, this is my regular place in the car…



#Lastly, let us pray for all passengers and crew MH370#


SPM Leavers…

Who is it??  are you spm leavers?? yesss…,i’m. Can’t believe it? Yeah, actually i’m also can’t believe myself at all. Time goes by so fast…from day to day, month to month and until a year.

People always think,enjoy being  SPM leavers. but for me, it has pros and cons. sometimes happy and sometime are not, it depends on what we are doing and enjoys our days.But when reminded again, its very enjoyable being a school student especially at boarding school. At boarding school we’ve many friends and live  in one big family. We do almost all the same things and there i learned about life. I also learned to understand others and accept limitations.

When at home, i don’t have many friends, so i feel lonely, this is because i love to do activities in team. i only has my family and it not enough for me  and it seem like my life is incomplete without my school life. it feels like something missing. Yes, actually  i just want to say that i sorely miss my school days…

#actually i don’t know what i have to story about, so, as the beginning, i’m just story about my current status# 🙂